First IIOE-2 cruise complete

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The first cruise of the IIOE-2 project is now complete. The Sagar Nidhi sailed from Goa, India to Port Louis, Mauritius at the end of 2015 (and immediately after the launch of IIOE-2 in Goa). Prof. P N Vinayachandran co-led the expedition with Dr Satya Prakash of ESSO-Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (ESSO_INCOIS). The scientific team was international, including 12 Indian scientists, and participatnts from Mauritius, Israel, Singapore, Australia and the UK.

The cruise was an inter-disciplinary expedition to study the structure of water masses in the western Indian Ocean along 67°E. Measurements were taken of temperature and salinity, currents, oxygen concentration, light availability and chlorophyll fluorescence, along with water and zooplankton samples for future analysis and calibration.

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