Seaglider training

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Yesterday the Seaglider experts in the field team ran a training course for the BoBBLE scientists on how to operate Seagliders. This included everything from how to take them apart and rebuild them (pictured), to how to ensure they are ballasted to float perfectly in the water, and how to pilot them once they have been launched. It was a very successful day, and everyone learned a lot. This training will be crucial to ensure that the Seagliders can be safely launched and recovered in the challenging conditions the research cruise will encounter in the Bay of Bengal during the BoBBLE cruise.

Taking apart the yellow fibreglass fairing on the Seaglider training course. The “NO LIFT” warnings relate to the CT sail, which looks like a handle but is in fact a sensitive instrument designed to measure the temperature and saltiness of the water. Also visible are the dissolved oxygen and solar radiation sensors. 
The interior (dark grey) pressure hull can be seen at the bottom of this photo
Scientists from NIOT examine the fairing and pressure hull