Daily image: 29/6/16

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BoBBLE deployment: (a) rainfall (shaded; mm/day) and wind (vectors – see scale), with ship and glider sections (thick lines) and buoy locations (red and black circles). EEZ extent shown by red line. (b) salinity (shaded) and ocean currents (vectors – see … Continued

FAAM aircraft flies past the BoBBLE cruise

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It was a truly extraordinary rendezvous, combining a very ambitious flight and some great observations from the ship. A BAe 146-301 four-engine jet, the UK Facility for Airborne Atmospheric Measurements (FAAM), flew past the ORV Sindhu Sadhana yesterday, just 100 ft … Continued

Seaglider training

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Yesterday the Seaglider experts in the field team ran a training course for the BoBBLE scientists on how to operate Seagliders. This included everything from how to take them apart and rebuild them (pictured), to how to ensure they are ballasted … Continued

What are these ocean robots?

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A lot of the press coverage (such as the Daily Mail, Washington Post and the Japan Times) for the project in recent days has focussed on the ocean robots, or Seagliders, we will be deploying in the Bay of Bengal. So what are they, … Continued

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