Publications linked to the BoBBLE project are listed below. This page last updated 2017-10-22.

Tang et al. 2017

Tang W, Fore A, Yueh S, Lee T, Hayashi A, Sanchez-Franks A, Martinez J, King BA, Baranowski DB (2017) Validating SMAP SSS with in situ measurements. Remote Sensing of the Environment, 200, 326-340.

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Vinayachandran et al. (In review)

Vinayachandran PN and 32 co-authors (In review). BoBBLE (Bay of Bengal Boundary Layer Experiment): Ocean-atmosphere interaction and its impact on the South Asian monsoon. Bull. Am. Meteorol. Soc. 

Sanchez-Franks et al. (In review)

Sanchez-Franks A, Kent EC, Matthews AJ, Webber BGM, Peatman SC, Vinayachandran PN. (In review). Intraseasonal Variability of Air-Sea Fluxes over the Bay of Bengal during the Southwest Monsoon. J. Climate. 

Peatman et al. (In review)

Peatman SC et al. (In review). The Indian Summer Monsoon in MetUM-GOML2.0: Effects of air-sea coupling and resolution. J. Adv. Model. Earth Sy.

Webber et al. (In review)

Webber BGM, Matthews AJ, Vinayachandran PN, Neema CP, Sanchez-Franks A, Vijith V, Amol P, Baranowski DB. (In review). The dynamics of the Southwest Monsoon current in 2016 from high-resolution in situ observations. J. Phys. Oceanogr.