Publications linked to the BoBBLE project are listed below. This page last updated 2019-01-16.

Thushara et al. (In Review)

Thushara, V, Vinayachandran PN, Matthews AJ, Webber BGM, Queste BY (In Review) Vertical distribution of chlorophyll in dynamically distinct regions of the southern Bay of Bengal, Biogeosciences Discuss.,

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George et al. (In review)

George JV, Vinayachandran PN, Vijith V, Thushara V, Nayak AA, Amol P, Vijaykumar K, Matthews AJ. (In review) Vertical mixing during barrier layer formation and erosion: Observation from Bay of Bengal. J. Phys. Oceanogr.

Vinayachandran et al. (2018)

Vinayachandran PN and 32 co-authors (2018). BoBBLE (Bay of Bengal Boundary Layer Experiment): Ocean-atmosphere interaction and its impact on the South Asian monsoon. Bull. Am. Meteorol. Soc. 991569–1587.

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Sanchez-Franks et al. (2018)

Sanchez-Franks A, Kent EC, Matthews AJ, Webber BGM, Peatman SC, Vinayachandran PN. (2018). Intraseasonal Variability of Air-Sea Fluxes over the Bay of Bengal during the Southwest Monsoon. J. Climate. 31, 7087-7109.

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Peatman and Klingaman (2018)

Peatman SC, Klingaman NP (2018). The Indian Summer Monsoon in MetUM-GOML2.0: Effects of air-sea coupling and resolution. Geosci. Model. Dev. 11, 4693-4709.

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Webber et al. (2018)

Webber BGM, Matthews AJ, Vinayachandran PN, Neema CP, Sanchez-Franks A, Vijith V, Amol P, Baranowski DB. (2018). The dynamics of the Southwest Monsoon current in 2016 from high-resolution in situ observations. J. Phys. Oceanogr. 48, 2259-2282.

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Tang et al. (2017)

Tang W, Fore A, Yueh S, Lee T, Hayashi A, Sanchez-Franks A, Martinez J, King BA, Baranowski DB (2017) Validating SMAP SSS with in situ measurements. Remote Sensing of the Environment, 200, 326-340.

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